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Why consign with Consign It?
The ever-changing inventory at Consign It, in its landmark location in downtown Greenwich, has been luring dealers, decorators and savvy shoppers week in and week out for over 30 years. Now, under the new ownership of Elizabeth Jackson, leading estate sales in Fairfield and Westchester counties for more than 15 years, the customer base is even greater! With an amazing turnaround of up to half of Consign It inventory monthly, consignors consider us to be the best outlet to sell their home furnishings and home décor.  

How do I consign my items?
We recommend contacting us by email with a photograph and brief description. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. It is helpful if you tell us if your item has a brand name that is recognizable and associated with quality, where and when you bought it and for how much. Alternately, if you want to drop by with your furniture and smaller items, staff is available from 10am-4pm Monday through Saturday. We are glad to go through your boxes or come out to your car to inspect.

What are the consignment terms?
The terms of the agreement are four months. After four months, if the item does not sell and it is not picked up, it becomes the property of Consign It and may be sold at any price, donated or disposed of without notice to the consignor. We do not call you. It is the responsibility of the consignor to mark your expiration date and call us one week in advance if you are picking up your item. We provide each consignor with a consignment agreement for signature. By leaving an item with Consign It, the consignor agrees that all items may be reduced in price by 10% after 30 days, and another 10% after another 30 days. We reserve the right to additionally discount your merchandise.

What is the consignment commission?
The terms for consignment sales is 50% to Consignor and 50% to Consign It. See Consignment Terms for full details.

How do you determine pricing?
Pricing is determined with research, our knowledge of previous sales and working with the consignor. Determining factors for assessing value are age, condition, and current relevance along with the market for that category. Our ultimate goal is to price properly so that items sell in the first 30 days they are here. That does not mean under-pricing. Proper, aggressive pricing is the most profitable for both consignors and Consign It.