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Elizabeth Jackson Estate Sales gives design aficionados access to exceptional furniture, decorative accessories, fine art and collectibles from some of the most preeminent properties in Fairfield and Westchester counties. With a thoughtful eye and decades of experience, Jackson has hosted more than 100 sales since founding the business nearly fifteen years ago. Household items to rare antiques (such as Tiffany lamps, Hudson River paintings, a Le Corbusier table, a late-model Mercedes) at her sales have achieved record prices on par with major auction houses. In addition to weekend estate sales, a showroom is now open at 207 Liberty Square in Norwalk’s Sono district. Fairfield Living recently attended a sale in Southport at Bella Vista, the Georgian home built for the Auchincloss family in 1927. Here’s her advice for sellers and buyers.

What is the ideal time to schedule a sale?
“The traditional and easiest time to schedule sales is in the six- to eight-week period when your house is under contract. You know when you’re closing and you know where you’re going and when. There’s a real impetus to wrap it up—invite the kids to put claim on what they want, determine the things you want to keep.”

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